Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well we are back from a week of vacation camping. All campfire cooking, walking a block and a half to the bathrooms and showers, sleeping on an air mattress sort of fun! It was nice to get away for a while, but I am SO glad to be home! We ended up with a little more to do on the trip than we had planned when we went into Rochester, MN and ended up trading in the Durango! We traded for a vehicle that was 5 years newer, 60 thousand less miles, and the payments are about five dollars less than the payments on the Durango were. It is a Kia Sorento. It is smaller than the Durango, and takes less gas. I had already talked to the parents about not taking the kids to school in the fall and we were just starting to discuss trading the Durango in but this was really a spur of the moment type thing, they gave us a deal we just couldn't refuse. I will post pictures soon.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate the smell of fresh, clean laundry after that as well! EVERYTHING smelled like smoke from the campfire and was dusty as the roads in the campground are mostly gravel roads. It was so nice to come home and get a good shower too! They had showers in the bathrooms there, and they really were pretty clean campground wise, but there is nothing like coming home and taking a shower in your own clean bathroom!
Then there was also the fact that they had a JR camp going on at the same time. The place we camped at is a Christian Ranch where they have different summer camps and things for the kids as well as public camping. They have horses, tennis, basketball, swimming, volleyball, carpet ball, bike/hiking trails, horse shoes, all sorts of things to do. It just wasn't as relaxing with all the kids running around, especially when I was trying to get away from the whole daycare aspect LOL!
We did spend quite a bit of time with K's two brothers and their families while we were up there too. It was good to see our nephew and niece who we hadn't seen much of lately too. We went to see the fireworks in Rochester on the 4th with the oldest brother and his family. Our nephew had a gift for us when we went to their house on Wednesday, it was full of pictures he had colored of the fireworks, matchbox cars, and a little beaded necklace that he had gotten at a baseball game the other day. We told him that we would be sad if he couldn't play with his cars, he had put some of his favorites in there, so he kept the cars and we brought the rest home. The necklace is now hanging on the dashboard of my new Kia.
Thursday evening on the way home I had the honor of somewhat speaking to Holli. I say somewhat because we were both travelling and the cell phones were not behaving very well and we kept getting cut off only to give up and decide to try again another day. I hope it will be soon. Friday was full of running, I ran to Wal Mart to get my hair cut, came back grabbed lunch and went to Pastor and C's youngest son's baseball game, took his things back to his house (he had been staying with us since Saturday while his parents went on vacation to a cabin on a lake. He wanted to go to Jr camp instead, so we took him up there and camped while he was in camp and brought him home then too) and ran a few other errands with a little laundry done in between. I have finally put the last load of camp laundry in and now just have to wash bedding from our little guest and catch up with my regular laundry! Good thing I don't mind doing laundry lol!
I finished up Sunday School this afternoon and we have practice tonight and a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and then we will be getting back in to a regular schedule, for a couple of days anyway. Next weekend brings the wedding of K's middle brother....which means the inlaws will be coming to stay with us. Mil has already tried to start a bit of trouble between K and I, thankfully we had already discussed what our plans were and she couldn't sway us. K's brother is the first in the family to have a dance ( K's Dad is a Baptist Pastor and such things just aren't done if you know what I mean). really didn't matter to us, we had just said that we would leave after the reception as we have an hour drive home and need to get back so we can get up for church the next morning. Well, MIL was insistant that we should stay for an hour or two so she would have someone to talk to. I told her no, we had to get back so we were going to leave after the reception, K and I had talked about it. Well, K had called his Dad before we left to go camping and she gets on the phone and is insistant with him that we need to get ahold of his oldest brother so we can stay overnight at their house and then we can see them open gifts sometime that next day. He didn't say much, but when he told me later said not to worry, he didn't plan on it because we both had to be back for church on Sunday. I really hate it when she tries to make things go the way she wants them to and tries to divide us to get it done. This is only one of many times, it is a regular occurance with her. I hate to say it, but it really is effecting the respect that I have for her. Hard to respect someone who says one thing to your face, and then says another to your husband(her son) in the next breath. She keeps telling me that I need to take Friday off so I can make the hour drive to be on time for the rehersal dinner~it starts at 6pm and it is an hour drive! I am off work that day at 4:30, I think we will have plenty of time, as does K, but that's just not good enough for MIL. Oh well. At least K is starting to understand where I am coming from in how upset I get with her for things like that. He didn't see it at first, but now he does, and he lets me vent it out to him or get away, do what I need to do to deal with it. It's just frustrating.
Whew, well ok rant over......and I just got a phone call that Pastor will be over soon with some Powerpoint for me to do and some songs to look up so I guess this is the end for now. More soon.
big hugs!

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holli said...

I know - I finally gave up calling you back because I figured you were tired of listening to me babble and rant anyway - PFTZ!!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time camping.. and that you made it home safe and sound.