Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where is the month of July going??? Let's see, we had camping the first week, K's brother B's wedding the 15; which meant the inlaws back and forth between us and his oldest brother B's house for that whole second week, and now we have VBS! Sunday night we had 11 kids in my 4 and 5 year old class. Monday night was visitor's night and we had 24!!!! And the kids used hammers for craft! Our theme is camp and the kids arranged flowers on a board and we layed handkerchiefs over those and plastic wrap over that and pounded away with hammers to make a pattern. And did I mention that some of those boards were laid on a cement floor? Fun stuff. Oh well at least it wasn't 90-100 degrees and humid like it has been in past years. We even had a little rain last night. Tuesday night was a more manigable 13 kids, Wednesday we had 16, and last night we had 15. Last night I was walking behind one of the kids and he stopped and I couldn't in time and caught my toenail on his shoes ( I was wearing flip flops~I know bad Heidi!, but the theme is camp and it is HOT! and it pulled up the toenail or something so I now have a toe that has been sliced open on my bad foot on top of it all~and the foot had been doing better but with all the running with work and VBS it hurts again. Back to 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. Joy.)
The wedding was beautiful! The only problem that we noticed was with a mic and that was because K's Mom didn't double check to make sure the mic was on and D's Mom had turned it off after her scripture reading so K's Mom was not heard really well when she sang her song.
I didn't hang around real long at the rehearsal. My niece was getting a bit antsy and upset that her Daddy wasn't picking her up or playing with her when he walked by in their practicing and my sister in law needed to pick up a few things in Rochester before the wedding the next day so she took me shopping with her and I found a different outfit to wear for the wedding. The outfit I had planned had long sleeves, light fabric, but long sleeves none the less. I really wasn't looking forward to wearing it, but didn't know what else to wear, but on our shopping trip I found some good sales at Kohl's so we went for it. I found at least one other skirt and top I loved, but it wasn't in the budget with having the tux rental and all so K said he will take me up another time and see what we can find.
I started talking with the best man after the ceremony and told him that he had the same name as my Grandpa, and we talked some more and found out that our Grandpas are cousins! So odd going to a wedding and finding out I am related to some complete stranger! This is the second time that this has happened to me....the first time was at the first daycare center I worked at with a friend of mine, she brought her cousin in to work for the summer and it was the same thing! This guy is really nice, he had my brother in law stay at his house the night before the wedding to get away from the family and be able to relax a little bit at least (my brother in law has been living with his inlaws for a while now. My new sister in law is looking for a job in the cities and if they were to get an apartment they would have a six month to a year lease and they will need to be able to move quickly possibly and also this way they can save up for a place in the cities where it will be more expensive. All of the inlaws from our side were staying at their oldest brother's house in town there too, so this way he could have a little peace and quiet.) He played with the ring bearer and the flower girl so hopefully it would help to see another friendly face at the end of the aisle there and had candy in his pocket for them just in case. (The flower girl had been in two or three other weddings and this was the first that she had actually made it down the aisle!) And he had some extra supplies just in case they lost or forgot something, which did come in handy as it was found that B had lost a sock somewhere along the way and my cousin, J, had an extra pair there waiting for him so no time was lost trying to hunt it down or running to the store at the last minute.) It was even the topic of the male half of the head table and down to the bride some as well at the reception! J has been B's best friend for a while now, and they all work together at Wal Mart, it's just odd!
I'm glad VBS is over, it's hot, we're tired, up for swimming two days a week at 5:30, kids at 7 until 5 or a little after and then out to church a bit before 6 to eat (different families supplied meals for us each night) and then VBS from 6:30-9 and clean up after four nights wears on a person. And that was just Monday thru Thursday, we actually started on Sunday night. No Worship Team practice this week, we are having a going away picnic for one of the families in church Sunday afternoon and I am getting a group of people together to sing the song that you hear playing here for them that afternoon, so I will get to do some singing, but mostly I am thankful that we don't have it this week. It would have to be tonight and I still have four loads of laundry to put away, a house to clean, Sunday School to do, and sleep before tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon we have a birthday party for a little guy to make a sweeping appearance at and then head out for a wedding for another girl from church. There has been talk of a concert after that as well, can't remember who the guy is but I hear he has written alot of praise and worship music, so that would be pretty cool. I'm the deprived type who never goes to anything like that. Chalk part of it up to not having alot of money growing up, but also to my uncomfortableness in large crowds as well, I just start to feel almost claustraphobic or something, I just can't seem to relax. I don't know who is all going to go to that, if we do go, it all depends on timing with the wedding and all.
I have started on a new cross stitch project, finally getting a good start on it. It is another Precious Moments project, it is called I Love to Tell the Story. It is a little boy laying on the grass reading his Bible and he has a little sheep laying in front of him. This is for our Pastor for his birthday. I thought it was cute and fitting since they compare pastors to shepherds and it looks like this "shepherd" is teaching his sheep. I had another one I wanted to do, but we walked into his office and saw that he had that one sitting on his desk! Good thing I noticed then!!!! The bad part is that I had started stitching and gotten his shirt all finished and then noticed that I was stitching on the fabric the wrong way! I needed it to be horizontal more and it was more vertical! So I frogged it all out and started again.....:''(
We finally got the cable guy out here to find out what is up with our internet too. For like a month and a half now we have internet until 8:30 or nine, ten on a good day and then it won't come back on until 10 pm or so. Now high speed cable should NOT be like that so we called the company two weeks ago or so and their representative said he should be here between one and five two days from the call. Well he never came and never came, and finally about 4:15 or so he calls and asks if I need him to come out. Um would I have called if I didn't ????? He really doesn't sound like he wants to come out and the internet is now working fine, doesn't it figure, so I say just forget it. Well, when K called yesterday they said someone would be out between one and five today and he calls at like 11 and asks again if I need him to come out~ummmmm YEAH, so he asks if he can come now instead of later in the afternoon and I said fine just please fix my internet! He comes up to the door and I find that it is an old classmate of mine. This guys is just a bit different, and being alone with him in the house with the kids just gives me the creeps a bit, you know, nothing personal, sometimes you just get those feelings and you just can't put your finger on it exactly....anyway, he takes a look around and starts mumbling something about tvs on splitters and too much signal loss and proceeds to start rewiring some things. I leave him to his work and have the kids and the dogs in the toy room with the door shut so the kids stay out of his way and Casey doesn't decide to bite him~he barked and growled and had a terrible fit when he came in! And I really didn't think that I needed a lawsuit over a dog bite! He was here for an hour and finally got it up and running, meanwhile I had fed the kids lunch and started getting them ready for naps and he says he is all finished and complains about the extra work needed for this job and how he's glad he got here early and he has another job to do this afternoon and what not. On his way out he proceeds to tell me that he needs to send someone out within the next week to measure some levels or something too. Going to talk to a friend of ours about that one....he used to work for this company, that's why we had gone with them in the first place he did our install, but has since quit and started another job, but I'm curious as to what he will have to say.
Well, now you are all pretty much caught up on where I have been and what I have been doing, I need to get some work done!
Big hugs!

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