Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where is Spring??? Yesterday we got snow!! I posted some pictures in my Flickr, I added the date stamp on them because K and I both thought we would never believe it looking at them a few years down the road! It cancelled school because the roads were so bad and the visibilityd wasn't very good. This meant that it also cancelled Awana. So much for our time trials for the Grand Prix. I guess we are going to start an hour earlier to get all the bugs out of the kids cars and make sure they are all running well. I just pray that things go smoothly. I also posted a few pics of the church in preparation for the race on Saturday.
We had a good Easter. We had dinner with my family on Saturday. My brother had to come up for a wedding Fridy night and then was heading back home on Sunday so everyone headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner on Saturday. Sunday we went to PM and C's house for dinner. They had a FULL house! I think there was about 25 of us for dinner! It was alot of fun! The kids had an egg hunt, there was bocce ball for the men, a camp fire in the back yard, and even some sparklers and bottle rockets! We had two guys that were formerly at the Mission in town and they gave their testimonies after dinner. Wow! These guys came from drugs, gangs, jail, and now they are living for the Lord clean and sober. It was so inspiring to hear their stories.
Today is a quiet day. Just me and Monster. Miss A was supposed to come while her Mom helped out at the school, but they had a two hour late start so they don't need her to go in after all. Ahh well, maybe I will get a nap when Monster does now.
I am in the middle of laundry and hope to clean the house sometime today yet too. I need to get Sunday School done, and I haven't heard anything about powerpoint from PM yet will all get done, it's just no fun going over the list in my head, it keeps getting longer lol!
Smile, God loves you and so do I!

PS Holli.....get well soon!

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