Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You know, I was all set to come back here and give you all a post about how I know I had done alot of complaining and how things were beginning to go so well, and I was beginning to feel more confident and loved, and how I was so happy that I had found some wonderful, true friends that made me feel more like family and the great weekend we had with them when K came in to tell me that I wouldn't want to take my car to my piano lessons this afternoon. Of course, being confused, I asked why and was told that my back window had been broken out. It happened between 2:45 when he came home and 4 when he left with my Mom to do the paper route. Joy. I took some pics after the police officer came (on the advice of my insurance agency) no one could find a rock or anything that had gone through the window. We don't know what happened really. So, I'm bummed, but you know it could be worse. It could have happened when we were in Des Moines going 80 on the freeway and we had two passengers in the backseat, or when I was driving kids somewhere, or it could have been more damaged and impossible to drive, I could have had a deer come through the window and hit me, I could have rolled the car, someone could have been seriously hurt with all that glass. I am just thankful that it was just the window. Of course it has a handle being the back window and the defrost, and shocks on it, and will probably be and expensive one, but it's just money. I hate to think about what could have been with something like that. I did have a very good friend happen to stop over as I was taking pictures and it was a comfort to have him there since K was still out on the paper route and I was a tad shaken over it all, and he again proved himself to be a true friend in making sure that everything was taken care of and offered tarps to cover the back window opening, shop vac to clean it up, a vehicle to get me to my piano lesson on time, and the use of their garage if it could not be covered. I also feel very safe knowing that I have people
looking out for me between him and his oldest son who found K on the paper route and told him that there was a police officer out in the back of his house.
Also on a somewhat unrelated note, in this same family, my friend's daughter in law didn't have to weork a full day today so she ended up taking their van in for repairs on the antilock brakes ( a little over $200 later) she had some time to kill and was shopping at the mall and bought me a tshirt from a sale at the Disney Store! I LOVE Disney! Tigger is my absolute favorite, but I LOVE Disney! She bought me a pink Eeyore shirt that says Eeyore's Spring time Blues. I wore it to the band concert we went to tonight.
I need to run now, but I will give you my fuzzy feel good post that I planned to write earlier, as well as pics of my car, my new shirt, and some of my flowers in the yard (you've given me the itch to go out and get some of those pics, Holli!) and probably some other miscellaneous things thrown in for good measure.

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