Thursday, July 05, 2007

I know I went and disappeared again. This time I have a good reason, I promise! On Wednesday or Thursday of last week my mouth began to hurt again and I passed it off as another bout with tmj. It hurt all weekend and I was pretty miserable on Saturday at the wedding that was held at our church and at the reception afterwards all I was able to eat were mashed potatoes and gravy. Saturday night I could only sleep for 20 minutes at a time and was awake for long periods between in terrible pain. When I woke up on Sunday I had a large blister on the side of my gum where the tooth was that hurt. I talked to a friend at church on Sunday and got the name and number of her dentist (we were no longer able to go to the dentist we had been because he changed his policy to you pay now and have insurance reimburse you.....well that is why we have insurance because we just can't afford to pay one big lump sum like that...and after the last round of dental work that I had I was a bit traumatized, nothing he had done wrong, but it was just a bad situation; just before we got married I had a cavity filled. It was a bad cavity and he essentially gave it a root canal and then didn't tell me that it should have a crown. Well the tooth breaks after we are married dentist number two has to cut the gum line down in two places to give the crown something to attatch to and then go through the whole crown process. Dentist number two is a bit, well, gruff, and I do NOT handle pain well and I have a pretty rough time with it all. After all this I am left with almost a phobia of going back to the dentist even for a check up.
Well, I can not carry on like I have been all weekend so K stays home from work on Monday to take me to the dentist. Just before I am to leave we still have not gotten ahold of the three boys' grandmother so instead of him going with me he stays home to watch the boys so I can go. I was having a MAJOR panic attack I tell you! I made it (it was about a 40 min drive) ten minutes late, but I had called from the cell to tell them I was coming, I had just gotten a little lost. They got me right in and decided that I had an abcessed tooth that had to come out. Dentist number 3 said that she could put a crown on it, but it was expensive and with as much infection as I had, where the tooth was (very last tooth on left side bottom jaw) and the fact that it was broken and gum tissue had grown up through where it had broken, she could not promise that it was going to work and she would hate to see me put money into it and then have to pull it anyway. I was all for pulling it, I just wanted relief!
They were so nice! I had my own private tv to watch, they were fitting me in in between patients since I was an emergency appointment and I ended up watching quite a bit of tv! It did help to take my mind off of it all though! They gave me a topical anticeptic, extra shots of novicaine, and gas so I wouldn't feel alot of pain. Dentist number 3 was afraid with the amount of infection that I had that it would work against the numbing agents and I would feel more pain than she and I would like. The assistant asked me to open wide so she could give me the shots and I thought I was doing pretty good until she asked me if that was all the farther I could open and when I said yes, she said "You poor thing!" It must have been pretty bad in there because I heard that a few times as well as "You really did have a bad weekend, didn't you?!" After I was all numbed they came back in to pull the tooth and she pulled three times, the last time it started to hurt and I was getting a bit uncomfortable and then she looked at me and said it was out! I felt a relief of pressure immediately, even under all that numbing! They called perscriptions in to our pharmacy in town and K picked them up so I could start them as soon as I got home. They have me on 800 mg of ibuprofen and 500 mg of amoxicillin 3 times a day. I feel SO much better! They warned me of pain afterwards, but I have had very little. The relief from having that tooth out has been wonderful!!!!! They even sent me home with a bottle of water and a can coozy. And, the dentist called me the next morning to see how I was doing! I had to call K as I started back home again (he was worried and had called to check up on me :) ) and I told him that this was my new dentist and I was no longer afraid to go back! He was pretty happy to hear that too!
Well, baby is getting fussy so I need to go and rock him, will write more about the last couple days and what we did over the 4th later.
Big hugs!

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tkdchick said...

A good dentist, doctor, etc really makes a huge difference!

Sorry to hear the weekend was horrible!