Friday, July 13, 2007

Why do all the wierdos come out of the woodwork in my area? Not only am I pretty much guaranteed to get a visit from any door to door salesmen that come to town, but now I am starting to get odd phone calls. The phone rang yesterday and it was a collect call company asking if I would accept charges from (insert deep manly voice here) DAVE. I said no, because I didn't recognize the voice so I knew it wasn't the Dave that I know best, and the other Dave I know would have given his last name as I hung up thinking wrong number and no problem whatever....but almost as soon as I had hung up and put the phone down it rings again and it's another company asking if I will accept charges from Dave. UM NO! Now leave me alone lol! Thankfully he didn't call back, but it made me wonder.
With all the warm and humid weather we have been having it crashed the wireless keyboard at church. We got an old corded one from home to put on there for the time being. We may run to Wally to get a new one, Radio Shack here in town really doesn't have much....but we are waiting to hear from C first as she said they may have one to give away from her office.
We have a Missions Conference this weekend at church. I am singing What if Someone Had Not Shared by Bill Butterworth on Saturday night. It's amazing that I am not nervous at all. I am just trying to memorize the spoken part, I have to sing, speak, and then sing again with a key change....and it went pretty well in practice last night, but I think we are going to try to practice one more time before the meeting.
I need to make bars for Saturday night, get my Sunday School lesson done, clean the house, and put some laundry away yet too. One of the boys has a ball game tonight that we would like to go to and K's parents will be in on Monday....starting to feel a bit overwhelmed there, but I am just deciding that they are going to have to be happy with what they get as I am still working and with everything going on (VBS starts the 22 too) I can't be a perfectionist...some things may just not get done. Not that they would have a problem with it, but I hate that feeling you know?! Anyway, kids will be waking up soon so that's all for now.....Big hugs!


hollibobolli said...

they can't all be in your area.. they're in mine!!

Hugs back!!

hollibobolli said...

Where are you? Are you ever going to update??

hollibobolli said...

still.. nothing.