Thursday, August 09, 2007

I know I have been a terrible blogger and a terrible friend. I am so so so sorry! I promised Holli that I would come and update on Monday at the latest and here it is Thursday and I am just getting to it. Holli, please forgive me!
I am trying to order materials for our Sunday School classes, the operative word being trying. We have promotion Sunday for the kids to move up to their new classes for those who are old enough and trying to get the class lists figured out so I can order the correct amount of materials has been, well.......interesting. I am on my third, and hopefully final, draft of the class lists. I hope to call and order the material this morning and have it done and over with!
We are preparing for our Camping/Outdoor Service/Baptism/Back to School Picnic weekend and there have been some interesting complications along with that too. The Social Committee is supposed to be in charge of getting tables set up out at the park and now we find out last night that the head of this committee might not even be there! We have no idea if she has planned for someone to set tables and things up and with all the sound equipment that we have to load, haul out to the park, set up, and then do sound check before the service....not to mention PM having to be in town to pick up the meat that the church is providing.....we really don't have time to do it. It will get done somehow, but we just hope to avoid the last minute chaos that we have had in the past.
And to top it all off, K came home on Tuesday with his thumb all wrapped up and told me that he got to go and meet the new Dr. in town. I'm not exactly sure how he did it, but he was trying to get a slide out floor or something to work on one of the trailers and got his thumb and ended up with six stitches! My Mom and I did the paper route they normally do and I am going to be there to help load things into the trucks to take out to the park this weekend, but he is supposed to play in a golf tournament this weekend to benefit the mission in town on Saturday! I think he is still going to go, it's a best shot, so even if he just taps the ball around a bit he will get to keep up with the guys and have a good time. It's for a good cause too.
My problem child's last day is Friday, the 17th. Then after one of the Mothers finishes her training (6 weeks) I will start to have some Fridays off. It will be nice, I can make Dr appointments, dentist appointments ( I may still have to have some work done on the tooth next to the one that was pulled), hair appointments, visit some friends that I don't normally get to visit, and be on time for some ballgames! I'm excited!
The neighbors wanted me to take their little guy too, but I don't think it's going to work out with the number of kids I have already, and if I did take him I wouldn't have my Fridays off. The parents work at the same place K does, and if they were on overtime I could have to take the little guy around 4:30 in the morning! Besides that, he is their only child, and it took them a while to conceive him and they are a tad overprotective (not saying it's not justified), but they live RIGHT beside us, I mean their driveway is only about six inches from my computer room window.....we would rather keep them as good friends and neighbors than have something happen and there be hurt feelings or something.
Well, I guess that's all that's new around here.....I must get going and finish the bulletin insert of songs for the service on Sunday so we can make copies, get some laundry done, and try to decide what I am going to take for the picnic.

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hollibobolli said...

Well, as long as he can go out and have fun... but still - OW!!

Honey - don't worry about me.. blogging should be fun!! And you're not a bad friend. PUH-LEASE!! You're just the opposite. You're the best!

Big HUGS!!

Okay, your mug was totally returned to Kirsty. ARGH!! She just emailed me for your address. I sent her your email. Please let me know what you all decide. I am SO SORRY!! If there is anything I can do short of flying to get it because I do not want to travel right now for anything!!