Monday, August 27, 2007

Another rainy night last night. Joy. And we lost power for a bit again. I'm really getting tired of all this rain! Awana starts this week too, and we have our big pizza picnic out at the park....hopefully we can still do that.
K is going in for another dr appointment this afternoon with his asthma. He really hasn't had much of a voice for a week now and he is still using the inhaler every four hours so he is going to have things checked out. Part of his problem is that he expected to feel better instantly...well he didn't go in to the dr until he was pretty sick, so I told him it is going to take him a while to feel better
It's a slow day today daycare wise...just me and little A. The rest of the week picks up a bit. I have the new family the rest of the week, I am just praying that it goes well.

Another post for k8's scrapmonkey contest...if you haven't checked it out yet go over and take a's pretty cool!

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