Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am so SICK of rain! It has been raining for almost a week straight now. The other night we ended up with three inches of water in our basement too. Not a huge deal as there is nothing really stored down there, and what is is on palates, shelves, pegboards, and what not and the room where all my Christmas things are stored didn't even come near getting wet. The floors are cement and we have a floor drain too. This is the first year we have ever had water in the basement and it really was due to the storm drain out in the front getting clogged. It also sent the kids play tent that I had in the front yard way into the back and wrapped it around K's car, the Little Tykes playhouse for the babies and the small merry go round were pushed into the swing set, one of the big rocks from my lily bed as well as some of the smaller rocks I have in it were pushed into the lawn, the basketball was out by the cars, the garage was full of water, and alot of the gravel from the driveway was pushed out toward the alley. You can definately see the path the water took in the grass too, the sticks and leaves debris and the grass is really laying flat in that direction.
No major damage, the thing that was frustrating was K's work. I called him because I wasn't sure what I should do, turn on the dehumidifier that sits down there, does the whole house dehumidifier work and would that be better, do I need to worry about anything that he has plugged in in his workshop down there? I called during his break just to check in with him and the RUDE man in the guard shack told me NO if he does not have a phone or any thing like that I CAN NOT transfer you onto the floor any longer. And then silence. I curtly said thank you and hung up and did my best with the daycare kiddos here. I think K is going to put a complaint in with HR today, I mean what are they running over there, a prison?? It's not like I'm calling him 152 times a day telling him that the baby just pooed or this kid or that one said something funny and I just had to tell him, or just talk about nothing...and I called during break time! What if I had been in the er or something....this new company is getting terribly rediculous!

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k8 said...

my husband's job is ok with one call per day, lucky 4 me.