Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello and kid funnies!

I meant to blog yesterday, but the kids kept me so busy I didn't get a chance to....and after the kids left the cold I have really kicked in and I was so tired! I got the laundry done and folded and I went to bed about nine!
I should buy stock in Kleenex!
I haven't gotten alot except for the laundry done in the last couple of weeks, so I really need to get some things done tomorrow! I only have two kids tomorrow and they are older kids so hopefully I can get them done!
Today was one of those days with the kids...T didn't take a nap, which is really strange for him and we are working on potty training Mr. Tater...well, I caught him trying to poop and after getting him on the potty and him proceeding to have a melt down I put his diaper back on, I figured that it wasn't worth tormenting him. I kept an eye on him and when he did go, oh. my. word. He had it up his back, down his legs, in his socks! I took everything off and wiped him down a bit and immediately took him up for a bath! He was happily splashing in the tub and I look down and asked him, "Tater, Why??" He looks up at me with those great big eyes and says..."Because!" I just had to laugh! His other recent funny was on Friday. I was supposed to have the day off and I was going to clean, but his Dad called and said that Mom was sick, and I agreed to take him. Well, I wasn't getting my house cleaning done and Tater found the dust on the tv and I told him not to play in the dust and he looks at me with his hands out and says "It butaful!!"


Bonnie said...

Mr. Tater sounds like a funny kid. Hope you are feeling better today.

Heidi said...

Oh yes, Tater does keep us laughing! The other day he woke up from his nap and I pulled him out of bed and held him for a while (he does not wake up well, takes a little while just to sit and actually "wake up") after he had set there quietly for long enough he looks up at me and says "Hello Heidi!" You just never know what he is going to come up with!