Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lol well, can you tell I got a new toy? We did our research and found a new digital camera. The one that I had just didn't have a big enough flash and pictures in church were so dark, and if the kids moved they were blurry in the pics, so we broke down and got a Kodak Easy Share Z 650. K also got me a one gig card to go with it, so now I can take around 560 pictures! I LOVE it! It even has a red eye preflash!
Let's other news, L and T's baby brother made his appearance four weeks early on Tuesday. CS was born weighing about 5lbs and was about 19 inches long. He was having some trouble breathing so they helicoptered him to a bigger hospital where they now have him in an oxygen tent. It sounds like he will be there for another three to five days. The blanket that I posted pictures of is for him.
The fleece fabric for that blanket was about two dollars cheaper than it normally is, so K and I have been discussing going back and getting enough to make blankets for all the daycare kids for Christmas this year. It's not set for sure yet, but it would be nice. I would have to find something different for CS, but that's ok, he won't remember this Christmas anyway...I'll have to find him something along the Baby's first Christmas lines. Or maybe I'll be brave and try to knit him a baby blanket...... uh yeah, sure. A little hat would be cute if I were brave enough.
I haven't gotten a whole lot more done, it's been a crazy week, the Awana picnic was last night too. We had about 40 kids come out, and only one tossed her pizza after running and playing games and then wrestling with another kid. I would call it a success.
I took C and Monster up to the park today and they got to see Miss M and play with her for a while. It was the highlight of the week for them!


nelly said...

seems to have taken you all morning to put the photos on!! getting a new camera is the best!! way to go =)

Heidi said...

It actually went pretty I just have a tiny bit of an obsession and can't choose just one or two to share, so I end up sharing a whole bunch! Look for more soon!