Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, this has been another interesting week. The kids have all been fighting the "lovely" cold that has been going around. Baby C was diagnosed with RSV and they think that one of my older kids may technically have it as well, but they won't do the test for it for her because she is too old. They say that it really boils down to a bad cold and she just needs rest. We deep cleaned all the toys and things the other night and I have been continually wiping things down with the disinfectant wipes to keep it away as much as possible.
I didn't have any kids until 8 this morning so I got to sleep in! And I went to bed early last night...I have started with the same cold so that was nice.
I posted some pictures on my Flickr account of a couple scarves that I finished knitting. I am working on another one, need to take some pictures of it yet, but I am having fun. The first one was blue fun fur and white regular yarn. This one I am knitting now is blue fun fur knit together with white fun fur. I like it. I am going to knit a camoflage scarf for my dad first and then K wants a new one knit. This one will be Iowa Hawkeye colors in a different yarn he picked out. I'll post pictures of that one soon. I also have a few more in the works, red, white, and blue fun fur knit together; black yarn with a yellow/gold fun fur, and a black regular yarn knit together with a pale pink baby fun fur. Plus there is the whole tote of yarn I have upstairs to get through! I have alot of knitting to do! Not to mention that I am now learning to crochet, and of course then there is the quilting and the counted cross stitch. Where am I going to find all the time?????

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Anne said...

RSV is going around here too and I am prety concerned about Piper getting it! sigh. Just a few more weeks of peak flu season to deal with. Good luck!