Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yeah, I've been gone for a while again, but this time it's not my fault! Last Wednesday my computer decided to kick the bucket. We took it to the computer dr in town and he said that it was the motherboard. Now, we replaced the motherboard and power source this time last year so we were not too hepped on having to replace it again. The computer dr said that the brand we had is known for frying motherboards. So he said that he could take my hard drive and put it in another compouter and I could have it back by Monday. Monday came and K went to pick it up, but it was worse than he thought and nothing could be saved. So he promised to fix something else up for us, but it woud be Wednesday before we could pick it up. Gah! I survived, but it was NOT fun I tell you!
In the meantime we got a call telling us that my Dad's Dad had died. We weren't that close, my memories of him from my childhood are of being afraid of him. But we went to the visitation and saw some family that we hadn't seen since before our wedding or at our wedding, and we will be married for 10 years in June! The saddest part for me is that I know where he is. He was not a Christian and wanted nothing to do with church. He was 76.
Just this morning we got a call that another extended family member died last night. She was in her 90s and a very sweet Christian woman. I don't know if she attended another church service after K's Dad left the church to move to Missouri...but the funeral home called PM and he will be doing the funeral on Wednesday. I'm glad it's him doing it. A mutual friend had called to see if K's Dad would be interested in coming up to do the funeral, but we just didn't know if that would be possible either...I'm glad that PM is doing it rather than the other pastor of the church that we used to attend.
Let's see, what else happened....the dead bolt lock on the front door decided to be impossible to turn, K is working on replacing that now....
It sounds like the "fun" is spreading to those around us too. Some friends of ours had car trouble on the way in to church this morning. At lunch we got a call that PM was stuck on the side of the road with a flat in Wisconsin, he was on the way home from visiting his brother. He also told us that his wife, C, was stuck with car trouble too. We are praying that they all make it back safely. K is in line to do the church service tonight in case PM can't make it. I think he's a bit nervous.
I posted some pics on my flickr account of some things that went on while my computer was down, Super Bowl Skating and some pics of the kids, and also some of the Valentine's Banquet that we had last night. It was alot of fun and the food was GREAT! The kids did a great job with the entertainment too!
Hope you are all having a better time than we are, just hoping it all settles here soon!

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hollibobolli said...

I wouldn't bank on it! (Things being better here than there!!!)

I'm not shocked by your candy heart.. i just didn't know you were updating your blog.

I love that your thing has changed to "loved." And what a cute avatar!!