Monday, February 22, 2010

February 16 Don't know what these were exactly, but they were our half time entertainment at the basketball game.
February 17 Trying to play with light and shadows. Didn't exactly work, but it counted for my picture of the day.

February 18 The icicle that is forming on a small tree branch just outside my front door.

February 19 We went for a drive in the afternoon and came across a bunch of pheasants. We were on a quiet gravel road so we were able to stop and watch and I could take a bunch of pictures before hubby scared them off ;)

February 20 I was tagged to take a picture of myself on flickr just as I's not the best picture of my but it was a quiet Saturday so I was more worried about being comfortable than fashionable lol and a bonus, I didn't break the camera when I took this pic!

February 21 Teddy snuggled up with me in bed. This is how he usually starts out the night and then he goes and curls up under the bed. He really thinks he is a little boy!

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