Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 3-I wasn't feeling too inspired...was cold and depressed with all the snow we were getting...and are still getting.
February 4-I was playing with the night setting on my camera. It didn't work like I wanted it to, I've gotten a bit of advice from a friend on how to use it to get better pictures since then though.

February 5-Playing with some angles with my computer keyboard since I am here so often...an important part of my day :)

February 6-The day of the funeral for one of our church's founders and grandfather type to many. I also had to practice as I was scheduled to sing a solo for special music the next day in church. A friend played piano for me...inspired me to get this shot of the inside of the grand piano.

February 7-A little relaxing with some coloring. I bought the bag with the crayons at the Awana store for the kids...I decided to pull it out and have a little fun.

February 8-A cowboy hat that was used for VBS a couple of years ago on the barrel of one of hubby's guns on the gun rack.

February 9-Playing with the light box again, and the star filter for some fun!

February 10-A Valentine friend on the Awana store :)

February 11-Back to basics I guess...black and white and some things that are very important to me. My Bible and something I really enjoy...some typing work for our Pastor. It was late when we got home and with the busy day we had I didn't have alot of time to shoot any pictures...this was the best I came up with then, even though it's not the greatest.

February 12-Frosted trees in the school parking lot after the last home basketball game. We lost again....

February 13-Valentines Roses...K had to be gone all day at an Elders and Deacons meeting for church so I got my gift early! We talked after he gave me the roses for my birthday....he hinted that he might get me roses for Valentines and I asked for pink for a little something different for pictures....he did very well!

February 14-Candle on the table at our youth group's Valentines Banquet. We had a great "Evening in Paris" even with my "lovely" sinus cold at its worst.

February 15-K with one of the icicles on the house. This was just before he tried to pull it down and it shattered into a hundred pieces. We couldn't believe how long it was! He's standing on the deck railing here.

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