Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yay, it's finally naptime! The two girls are down for their naps, and Mr C is sitting quietly and reading some books while the girls nap. Speaking of Mr. C; he has been sooooo good the last couple of days! He behaved so well yesterday I took a day off of his tv restriction! Today he has earned himself some points that he can use towards a reward...he has been calm and used his polite words all morning and he sat down and read a book to Monster out of the blue! Lately this boy could not sit still for ANYTHING! and now he is sitting and reading quietly to Monster. It almost brought tears to my eyes!
I'm feeling a bit frustrated with the school system and may loose Mr. C and Miss M because of it. I had told the parents thatI wasn't going to do the school run this fall, too hard with too many kids and one will be an infant, so it just wasn't possible and now with the new car it really isn't! We were told that it shouldn't be a problem for the kids to ride the bus, there is one that goes right by my house up to the daycare three blocks away anyway. Well now they say that Miss M is no problem but Mr. C is too old and the bus from the daycare is full and they don't do in town pick ups. J, Monster's Mom has offered to drive them up to the daycare with her when she goes tow work, but then you have the afterschool pick up to worry about. UGH! A called about L and they will take him to the Catholic school Mon, Wed, and Fri, but they don't do the Tues, Thurs run. Does this make any sense? It doesn't to me! I mean come on the kids need a ride to school! K tells me that of all the places in which he has lived ( and there have been alot, I will have to list for you later lol) this is the only one which does not have a place for the intown kids to meet and ride a bus to school. So R told me that she looked into the daycare center so they would be able to get to school and back. I'm trying not to stress and reminding myself that God must have a better plan if I am not to have Mr. C and Miss M, and I am saving gas and time and hassel by not having to run to school, but sheesh! School starts this month too, nothing like a little last minute chaos huh?
Oh, and I haven't told you all about the concert Saturday night....yep we went the crazy peoples that we are ! We left the wedding reception about 6:30 and headed to Cedar Falls. We got there around twenty to eight or so, not bad concidering we got a bit lost and turned around and went back the way we came twice! Marty Goetz was playing, from what I understand he has written alot of praise and worship music and I believe it was Debby Boone that he said that he had written music for as well. I LOVED it! He played the piano so well, and his voice! He was quite humorous as well, one of the songs that he played was " A Jew Born Anew" very funny...and at one point he was playing piano and kicking his feet off to the side as the music sounded like one of those Russian folk songs where the guys fold their arms and kick their legs! We left there and headed home only to get about a block and find that the sirens we had heard as we were walking to the car were alot closer than we had first thought and were slowing traffic in the direction that we wanted to go. Thankfully a police officer began directing traffic and we were soon able to go, but unfortunately we never did find out what happened or if everyone was alright. We got home around midnight and I made my jello for the picnic the next day and went to bed and then got up at 7 to make the goulash I was taking for a main dish. Yawn! We came home that afternoon after the picnic and I fell asleep, woke up, ran some errands, and came home and went to bed!
The picnic was great as well! Lots of yummy food and games to play even though it was SO HOT! The T family had thought ahead and brought their canopies so we set them up and sat in the shade and watched some of the crazy people play softball. It wasn't all that bad in the shade there, we had a bit of a breeze, but I wouldn't have wanted to go and play softball! K got out there and played a bit, he hit one and played a bit out in the field, I think he enjoyed it. We had a bigger group than I had thought would sing the song that I had organized for the family that is leaving so I was THRILLED!!! I had told those that I had talked to, you are invited to sing with us, pass this invitation on to whomever you would like. We never practiced and it was what it was, but I think it went very well. I gave K and S hugs as we said goodbye and shook J and S's hands just because they are guys and we all know that guys have an image to uphold you know, but I was quite surprised when I went to shake D, the father,'s hand he said "Awww come here and gave me a big hug and thanked me for everything. Sniff...I was doing ok and not even tearing up we were having so much fun up until that point!!! We talked for a bit afterwards with another family and S ended up getting cake smashed in her face! She wiped it on the other person's arm so they were even then. I told them that they had my address and I expected letters.
Practice after prayer meeting tonight, hopefully that goes well. I've also heard rumors about a parade in Riceville in which we may have an Awana entry so we may head that way Saturday and Sunday they are having a big get together for my Grandpa's 80 birthday so we will get out of church, drive an hour to make an appearance, and drive an hour back to make it back in time for the evening service at 6. That should be just about enough of the family all in close proximity to last for a long time! Fun. Anyone care to go and take my place?

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