Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy and playing catch up

I am finally getting things caught up around the house. I was just feeling that I was getting caught up before and then I got flooded...K was home sick with food poisoning/flu we haven't really figured out what he had, basketball games, daycare kids sick, me not feeling well, and just trying to sort out some things in my head.
I am probably about halfway through with the laundry....but I ran out of laundry detergent and it works out well, because I wouldn't get much done with Tater here anyway. I go the three or four baskets of clean laundry that were sitting in the second bedroom put away yesterday. I got all of my cards made for last week and this week. I even went through some things on my desk and threw out a few things and hung the new Christmas card pictures that we got up on the side of the bookshelf where I keep them. Finally!
Sunday I even got another Zone Therapy treatmet! I loooove my Zone Therapy treatments! With the pain and problems I have in my right foot, and with the associated issues in my right hip it helps ALOT! It helps with so many other things, my sinuses, cramps, pressure in my ears, my mood in general....and it is so relaxing! I sleep like a rock for at least three nights after a treatment! It has also helped that I finally got my favorite comforter back on the bed! With K being sick I had pulled all the bedding off to wash and Lysoled the mattress and everything just to be safe. I had another comforter on the bed that I don't like as much, it's not as warm and it's sort of falling apart so besides not just being comfortable I was cold.
I am hoping to do some more catching up on my Bible reading this afternoon/evening. I have kept up with the Daily Bread Devotional reading, but the reading through the Bible in a year I am behind in. The kiddos are napping now and I have done my devotional reading for the day so maybe after prayer meeting I can get smore more reading done tonight.
I am still reading all of your blogs even though I haven't been commenting much. I plan to change that now though, since I have finally gotten to a better place with my thoughts and my work I will be back to annoying you all again very soon!

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Patty said...

Don't worry about the lack of commenting. I was in a funk too a few weeks ago.

Check out my blog. I gave you an award.