Monday, February 02, 2009

Busy weekend, Super Bowl, and scarves!

The weekend went by so quickly! Friday we headed out to a basketball game about an hour and fifteen minutes away. The other team's fans wore t shirts with Beat ****** on them. We were a bit nervous as they did beat JV, but Varsity won and they remain unbeaten!! It was a pretty exciting game! At the end of the game, some of the students were just throwing away their tshirts and others were selling their tshirts to some of our fans. I couldn't figure out why our fans would want them, but I later found out that they are going to take them to the local screen printing shop and have them put Can't on the top so they will say Can't Beat *****!
Saturday we went and watched C play with the freshman and then we went out for lunch to use a gift certificate that I got from Miss A, I man, and Little C's family for Christmas. I went for something a little different and tried a taco omlette. It was ok, the meat was pretty plain, not really "taco like". If it would have tasted more like taco meat it would have been better! Then we went shopping for B's birthday gift. I had a good idea about what I wanted to get her, I just needed the time to go and get it! I found her a picture frame that said A friend loveth at all times and printed off a couple of pictures of us in it, a magnet that said something about the laughter remaining after the ice cream is gone, and a cow wind chime. We have a story behind the cow thing.
Sunday we met at PM and C's house with one other family to watch the Super Bowl. We had a great time together! None of us were really cheering for either team, we just watched and admired all the good plays and enjoyed each others' company with alot of laughter! There was even a few golf balls hit with the putting green that PM had gotten for Christmas.
I worked just a little on the scarf this weekend. I ended up having trouble with the blue on Saturday nigh! This scarf has more ends to tuck in!! Ah well, it's almost done! And then I can start on C's and then my next project!


Patty said...

I watched the Super Bowl with my family. It was awesome. I also had a great time.

Rebecca Jo said...

thanks for stopping by... another knitter!!! YES!