Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids are funny!

There must be something in the air lately! The kids have been good, but they have been WILD!! At least they are in good moods!! Mr. Tater has a new job around the house...he has figured out which button to push to turn the cordless phone on and whenever it rings he goes running yelling " Phone!! I get it!!"
Another kid funny....I just sang If You're Happy and You Know it with Miss A....well according to her the words are If You're Happy in Your Nose and Your Face and Your Shoulders! She keeps singing it over and over, I LOVE it!
I ran into a bit of a snag with C's newest scarf. I didn't realize it while I was knitting, but towards the end of the skein of the white fun fur the yarn was cut into two seperate pieces. I noticed after it had been knit into the scarf that there was a small knotted looking area and as I picked at it a bit thinking I just had to separate some of the "fur" and sort of fluff it a bit the yarn came apart into two pieces! I unknit about two rows and just threw the second pieces away as it really wasn't that much and wasn't worth knitting such a small section only to have to start the other skein a row or so later. Well, as I was reknitting one row I noticed that I had dropped one stitch in the white fun fur. With all these issues I am afraid that something will catch just right and the scarf will start to unravel! I have enough yarn to make two of these scarves, so I think I am just going to keep the first one for myself and knit the second, and hopefully problem free, scarf for C!
I did buy a little more yarn when we went to Wal Mart the other day...but I have a special project for it in mind....after that no more yarn until I get what I have knitted up!!! Oh, I almost forgot too! B gave me two skeins of pink camo yarn for my birthday as well as a basket of sewing/quilting supplies! She sewed up the neatest little sewing caddy type thing so I can sit and do my cross stitch and put it over the arm of the chair or couch and have a place to put my scissors and put my needle when I am switching floss colors! I promise pictures very soon! I have just promised myself that I will get PM's PowerPoint and my Sunday School done and put the three baskets of clean laundry away before I take pictures and post them!

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