Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow, this got really long!!

Wow! I really should not write when I am tired!! When I was finally able to post last night I had just gotten home from my Zone Therapy treatment...those always relax me so much and I sleep so well for the next three nights after I get a treatment! My bed was definately calling when I posted last night too! The last post made sense, but I added a sentence in later and I added it in the wrong spot!!! Ha!

I was so excited to be able to get my treatment! I have needed to get in and get one since Christmas, but with conflicting schedules and all it just didn't work out. The bones in the arch in my right foot are collapsing and it is quite painful at times. My right hip goes out and causes flare ups with the swelling and pain in my foot too. A friend of ours has started doing Zone Therapy out of an office in her home and it has done wonders for my pain and swelling as well as alot of other things like my sinuses in the winter, and those "lovely" cramps that come around once a month!

I've finally finished a big project for some friends of ours. I enjoyed working on it for the most part, and learned a few things from the experience too, so that's always a good thing! These friends of ours, and two of their kids, went to Florida for their family Christmas to their other daughter's house and took lots of pictures, of course, but with a new baby and another two or three year old running around there were lots of special pictures taken and some that they were planning on using for their family update letters that they planned on sending out. Well, when they got home their son was transferring the pictures from the memory card in the camera to the computer and he ended up deleting all of the pictures off the memory card and they did not transfer to the computer!! We found recovery software and bought it on ebay and I was able to pull the pictures off the memory card and onto my computer. Then I had to convert them from RAW files into JPEGs. Both of those were things that I had never done before and I learned alot through those processes! Then after some further discussions I ended up fixing them up a little with my Photoshop program. I took some red eyes out, fixed the color and got rid of some shadows, took the glare off of glasses a bit, and in one picture took the baby's head from another picture and put it over on the picture that was better of everyone else. And I did a couple extras in playing a little and made a cut out of a heart of their son with his two little nieces and took one picture of the two or three year old and cropped it and made it all black and white except for her bright blue eyes! Some of those things I had never done either and I really enjoyed learning new things with my program!!

I think K is thinking that I am really starting to get serious about my photography too, because he told me that he is buying me some lenses and filters on ebay for my birthday!! I was so excited! I have been wanting a couple of the ones that he is buying me for a while now! He said he would buy me a macro lense and a star filter, so that if I take a picture of like Christmas lights or something it will make a beautiful star type of pattern. There are a few others we are researching and deciding what exactly to buy too.

And of course there is basketball! I'm a bit sad, as there is only one game today and that is a 7th grade game that is away and I won't be able to make it. Maybe we will try to make it over to Wal Mart or something tonight instead. There are a few things that I have been waiting to get there that we just can't get here in town....our dog food and dog treats being a couple of them and we are getting a bit low on those things.
I tore out what I had knitted on C's new scarf. The more I looked at it the more I thought it was too wide and I would run out of the white fun fur before it was long enough. I have it back on the needles, but I have quite a bit to knit yet before I get back to where I was. I hope to work on it and get caught up again tonight. Maybe I can even sneak in a little more yarn shopping ;) haha! And of course that is dependant on how much more Wal Mart has decided to clear out of their craft section this week!

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