Saturday, January 03, 2009

Crazy basketball schedule starts again!

We were off to another basketball game this morning. The girls lost but the boys won. They played really well today! After the game we went out to eat at a little restaurant that was always closed when we went through the town before. It was good! The only problem was that the town had a broken water main so they had no water! We could relate, it happened in our town in the fall. Hopefully they will have it fixed for them soon!
We did a little shopping and I picked up a picture that was on sale. It spells out FAITH and it is made up of individual pictures of letters from different places....confusing huh?! It's black and white: the F is from garage doors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the A is from a downtown storefront sign in Chicago, Illinois, the I is from a downtown building in New York City, New York, the T is from a campus building at the Ohio State University, and the H is from a steel structure in New York City, New York. I'll see if I can get a picture of it. It's given me another direction thkat I want to try with my pictures too. I know that you can buy the divided frames and I could take pictures of letters on signs and things around here and make them say whatever I want. Hmmm maybe even Christmas gifts for next year! Now if I can remember it for that long!

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Jen said...

The Faith picture sounds really cute!! I am impressed you're already thinking of Christmas!! Good for you!!

I saw your comment on my blog about a new look for your blog and it does not offend me at all!! Look at me I am CONSTANTLY changing mine!! If you would like me to work on it, email and I'll see what I can do.

(Do you still have my email?)