Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't have a whole lot to say today. It's pretty quiet around here, one kiddo today! I'm working on catching up on laundry (exciting huh?!) and hopefully at naptime I can get some reading done. I have been keeping up with my New Year's Resolution or goal or whatever you want to call it and I have been reading the devotional from the Daily Bread every day and I am now one day ahead in my reading the Bible in a year. I was farther ahead, but Sunday and yesterday I didn't do any more reading on that. Sunday we spent the afternoon with my parents (we hadn't seen them since Christmas) and when we got home from the evening service I was so tired that I crashed and yesterday I had kids in and out during the day and got a phone call in the afternoon that J was going to be in the area's Honor Choir and they had a concert last night. PM wasn't going and he wondered if I wanted to go along with C (the concert was about an hour away). I agreed to go and had 15 minutes to get ready after the last of the kiddos left! It was a great concert, they had three groups performing; honor band (orchestra), honor choir, and honor band. They did a wonderful job!
Nothing too terrible is going on, just a few things happening and a few discussions making me think about myself and drawing closer to God. Just feeling sort of quiet...and trying to sort things out. Pride has become a focus for me lately.

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Patty said...

I have those quiet days every once in a while. There are few days like that so people usually think something is wrong.

I hope you get more clarity on what is making you quiet. In the end, that's why I'm usually quiet.