Monday, January 26, 2009

Back again

Finally, I found my way back! I say that alot don't I?! I'll post for a few days in a row and then I go missing and I find my way back and then I go missing.....really need to work on that pattern!
And again, Jen, thank you so much for the new look! It's perfect! I LOVE it! The hubby teases that I have a bit of ADD and have to change things up every so often...thanks for putting up with me!
Let's see....what's new....I started another scarf. This one is the opposite of the one that I did first for C. It is the regular blue yarn and white fun fur. I am making this one for C so she can trade them out and then I will make one for myself. If I have enough of the blue yarn left I may even try to combine the blue and white regular yarns to see how that looks. A girl can't have too many school color scarves right?! Which reminds me too....Jen, I may have asked you this before, but what are your school colors??
That reminds me, Jen, how is your knitting coming?? I hope it's going well! And I can't wait to see some pics of what you are working on! I wish that we were a bit closer so I could help you out in person! It is so much easier to show than to just tell someone!

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Jen said...

Heidi you are SO sweet!! I too wish we lived closer and hope to meet you one day in person! I have not picked up my knitting since I started back to school in January. I have it in a bag (my knitting bag) which sites right next to my couch so I really need to continue my scarf. I am about half way through it. I'll take some pictures soon and post them just for you!! I even bought some new soft yarn and needles over my Christmas break and I've never used them!!

I am so glad you like your new layout! I like it too! My hubby is CONSTANTLY ragging on me because I change mine ALL.THE.TIME!

Oh and my school colors are red, blue and silver(gray).