Monday, January 05, 2009

Busy busy busy!

No school for the kids again today. All of the ice that we got because of the rain on Saturday night has not really melted and everything is pretty slick. L was not happy when he got here and found out that there was no school, he was prepared for a two hour late star but not no school. At four thirty this afternoon they called a two hour late start for tomorrow too. I really hope that they do have school or I will have an even more upset little guy on my hands! A, the boys Dad said that he fell twice today, he works for the cable company, and the main roads weren't bad, but the side roads were looking pretty slick.
We finally put the tree away this afternoon and I have been busy cleaning the house and finishing the laundry after the inlaws visit. And it only took me a week to do it! Well, a few extra days of vacation after they left for K and I to relax and run errands and do a few things we can't normally get done with kids around like repainting doorways and things didn't help me catch up at all.....
I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions really, but this year I have decided to work on two things. One is to read my Bible and Daily Bread devotional every day, and also to try to read through my Bible in a year. My main focus is the devotional reading and I will read ahead and catch up as I need to for the reading through the Bible in a year...anyone confused yet haha?! My second goal is to get and stay more organized. Feel free to ask me how I'm doing anytime during the year!
Now I'm watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and afterwards we will have the Butterscotch Brickle cheese ball that I finally made from my order from the Tastefully Simple party I went to before Christmas. K has been asking me to make it for a while now and we decided tonight was the night!
I did get an ok picture of my Faith picture and I will post that soon.
Well, off to do my reading while the laundry is going....

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