Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Playing catch up!

Today has been a busy and productive day! It was supposed to be my busiest day with the kids, but C has strep so Mom kept all the kids home with her and I was supposed to have L, T, and Tater while their Mom got her hair done, but she called and said that Grandpa wanted to take them, so it's a day off for me!
I have gotten caught up with my cards, gotten almost all of my laundry done, cleaned up a few other things that needed to be organized and put away, and after I write this I am going to do my Bible reading.
Tonight is our first night back to Awana after Christmas break. It is pajama night! We all love pajama night! I got a phone call this morning and it sounds like I will be doing music for the T&T group too. I think it will only be one song that our regular music leader has chosen, so it's nothing too hard.
The hard part is picking out the song to sing for special music on Sunday! I just found out that I have to sing and haven't been working on anything! I found one song that I had bought before that I liked but never worked up and bought a second one as plan B yesterday. At the basketball game PM asked if I had chosen a song yet, when I told him that I was just starting to work up a couple songs he asked if I wanted to do something with piano. He says that he just wants me to pick something in my range, that I have chosen some that aren't quite right and he could tell I was struggling with them. I had chosen to use a cd because I knew that BT's schedule would not allow for us to get together and practice, and I knew what PM's schedule looked like for the week, very busy with four nursing home services, prayer meeting, and basketball games. He said that he would look today and see what he could find for me. I am still working on the other songs, so hopefully I will find one that will work out of everything!
Well, I think I heard the timer, so back to folding laundry I go!

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Patty said...

Good luck with finding the perfect song. I'm sure it will turn out great.