Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have sat here many times now with this screen up ready to start writing another blog post when the phone rings, or Little Miss wakes up from her nap (naptimes have not been our best friend around here lately unfortunately), or something happens...but today I'm determined to get a post up!

Basketball is in full swing and I'm sure those of you who are reading have seen my pictures up on facebook by now. I wasn't so sure about posting the pics on facebook but C and his mom asked that I would...he has a friend in Brazil (who is also on my facebook now) and wants them to be able to see them.

My typing work went crazy there for a bit...I think we are back into a more "normal" schedule again...what ever normal is!

Worship Team rehearsal after Awana last night...we got one of our teens to sing with us this time too! We (K, PM, and I) ended up talking with another friend/Worship Team member about some things going on after the practice and the time flew and before we knew it we were leaving the church at 11:30! Little Miss comes at 7:15, which means I'm trying to drag myself out of bed between 6 and 6:20 and she was VERY active yesterday (but mostly in a good mood thankfully!) so it was one LONG day and I was exhausted! I took a nap just after Little Miss first fell asleep and no basketball game tonight so we can go to bed early tonight to try and catch up. I feel bad for K, he was up at about 5:40 to go to work and no nap for him until about 4 if Little Miss lets him after he gets home!

Have to run now, but I will try and get pictures posted later tonight of K's hat for crazy hat night at Awana and maybe a few others. Hope you all have a great day!

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