Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It was a pretty quiet day back to work for me yesterday, just me and the Little Miss, and she took a three hour nap! And nothing planned in the evening gave me plenty of time to catch up on some things! I did my billing through the end of December, totalled my days worked, meals served, and income for the year 2010, caught up with the laundry pile that has been staring at me in the laundry room each time we came in and out of the back door, got a couple thank you notes written, and did some reading!

I'm feeling much more organized and finally ready for the new year!

I even took advantage of a sale on Snapfish and ordered 99 prints for 99cents! I believe it goes through the 9th if anyone else wants to do it, when you check out type in the coupon code of 2011PENNY. I found a scrapbook and some Christmas scrapbook stickers I liked on sale a couple days after Christmas so I thought I would play around a little with some of my pictures. It's definately not going to be up to the caliber of scrapbooking that my sister in law does, but just something a little fun to try with my pictures. I'll put some in a "regular" photo album, but play around a bit with some others.

Not much else going on now that Christmas is over...the inlaws have gone back home, it's back to work again...although still a bit of a different schedule for the next couple weeks. This week I have Little Miss Monday through Friday and next week I will have Monday and Friday (my normal day off) with her. Can't beat a couple extra three day weekends!

Otherwise I'm still taking pictures/editing, and typing away on some things to be kept on file. Nothing too exciting!

Hope you all are having a great day!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I need to go through my pictures... 99 for 99 cents???? that's crazy!!!!