Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! We didn't do alot...I had some typing work to do and I redid my nails....this is what I had done for Christmas...
and this is what I did yesterday...not the greatest picture, it was taken with my phone...but they are snowflakes. Yeah I'm a big kid.
We stayed home last night and watched movies...we started watching the Tooth Fairy but neighter one of us liked it much and we switched to Alice in Wonderland...again not big we watched a bit of tv for a while and then watched Fireproof. I LOVE that movie! We saw Fireproof in 60 in the extras and the Firegoofs and pranks too! Too funny!
So far today is starting out just like yesterday...I should be working on my Sunday School lesson and looking up the hymns for church tomorrow, but I'm procrastinating! K wants to take a drive to get some pictures too...and who am I to argue with that haha!
I'm hoping to do some picture editing today too...K bought me some backgrounds, textures, and frames for Elements and I can't wait to play some more with them! Maybe I'll get to sit down and watch The Blind Side too!
I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and New Year's Day today and that 2011 brings you much happiness and many blessings!

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Rebecca Jo said...

You have to explain that to me... I see where people "purchase" things for Elements & I'm not even sure what that means... fill me in please ;)