Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve...we measured the snow on the deck table to see how much we've gotten
about 17 inches. Fun fun fun. It sounds like we are in for our fourth winter storm this weekend, but it may bring more rain with some higher temps. Not such a good thing when it freezes again.

This is yesterday, December 27, we had a fog, which brought what they call hoarfrost. The Rochester, MN news station asked for pictures, so I submitted the next three. This was the first one that showed up on their newscast at 5 pm.

This one didn't show on the newscast, but I still like it!

This one was quite popular and showed up on the 5 pm and 6 pm newscasts! I received lots of phone calls, emails, and texts about this one. One person even told me that they have used this for their desktop wallpaper. Someone told me I should enter this in the county fair next summer too.
Christmas was good, busy, but lots of fun, I will share more about that later, nothing planned tonight and I have LOTS of pictures to play with! Having fun with my trial version of Elements 9 and waiting for my copy to come in, but it's backordered and won't be in until the end of the month! Ahhhh!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful day today!


Rebecca Jo said...

My goodness... those pictures are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at you getting your work out for others to see - LOVE IT!!!

Jen said...

Those pictures are amazing!! How neat that they were shown on the news!! Congrats!!

Glad you had a great Christmas! We did too!! I still can't believe Christmas is OVER!!! Seriously where did the time go??

Brandi said...

Heidi! The pictures are fabulous!!! That is all kinds of awesome that they were featured on the news! I've never heard of hoarfrost, but I also live somewhere where it doesn't snow... so maybe that's why. haha! And, 17 inches?! That is pure craziness! It sure does make for some beautiful pictures, though. ;)

Happy New Year to you and K and many blessings in 2011! :)