Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekends are going to be very busy in December and this last weekend was no exception! I was typing most of the evening Friday to go over PowerPoint Saturday morning after the men's breakfast. Well, with the snow and a few other things going on the men's breakfast was cancelled so we met a half hour later than we would have and got PowerPoint finished up and went home with enough time to eat lunch and then it was off to see a local kids theater group's play of The Velveteen Rabbit. They did a great job! Afterwards I still had to finish up my Sunday School lesson and a little retyping for Sunday and before I knew it it was after 11 and time to go to bed!

We had to be to church a little early on Sunday to make some copies for my Sunday School class and also set up a table in the back of the auditorium since my class was moved for the day because Awana store was being set up. We had one more hymn to finish up to be put on screen as well. After the Morning Worship Service we had choir practice, ran home to pick up the dogs, and then it was off to my parents house for lunch. We stayed and visited for a bit and dropped the dogs back at home and back to church to work on the Awana store. We worked for about three hours and headed back hom for a bit before the Evening Service. I think I caught a ten minute or so nap....the Evening Service was shorter and we came home and I was in bed by about 8:30...partly because I was so cold and we have an electric blanket on the bed!

K took the day off today and hung out with me and the Little Miss, which she LOVED! She had a really good day even with her teething! She was a bit off schedule and took a 10:00 nap instead of an afternoon nap and she was trying to go to sleep around 5 before Grandma came to get her. I kept her awake, she wasn't very happy, but she did perk up when she saw Grandma.

Tomorrow is a ballgame, Wednesday is Awana and Worship Team practice, and Saturday is Madrigal! The church's Christmas program is coming up too! And C and I are trying to find a time to fit our yearly Christmas baking in! Anyone have some extra time they want to share with me haha!

Hope you all had a more relaxing weekend and a great day today!

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