Thursday, December 02, 2010

Well, it looks like winter and the Christmas season may be arriving....they say we could get six inches of snow Friday night into Saturday. Just because I know it's coming doesn't mean I have to be happy about it lol!

I think Little Miss is teething again. She hasn't been as fussy this time, but she is definately clingy! She is quite "helpful" when I am trying to type or get something written! She's had some good days in between, she helped me bake brownies the other day and she was quite proud of herself!

We had a good turnout for Awana last night. The kids were very energetic, but they were very well behaved! I love my group of girls this year! We have laughed and had a good time while they are working on their sections...for the first time in a couple years it has been like's been a struggle trying to get kids to behave and follow rules and to get their sections passed. I am so thankful for a good year so far!

I've almost finished editing the proofs for our friend's senior pictures and I finally finished editing the school picture shots for her two sisters and her brother! I have the pictures from the Patriotic Banquet to edit and get on a cd, some of my brother's wedding reception to edit and post on facebook for him, and get some pictures I have of our Pastor and his wife to change out some of the pictures on our church's website and I will be finished with my big photo projects!

Well, guess I don't know a whole lot more so I'm going to run. Hope you have a great day!

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Rebecca Jo said...

We're getting snow this weekend too... I'm not looking forward to it just because we have so much CHristmas shopping still... if I could stay at home, I wouldnt mind...