Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First of all...I owe Rebecca Jo a HUGE apology! I received a wonderful package from her a few days ago and I thanked her privately but I HAVE to show you all the BEAUTIFUL hand knit lovelies she sent me! Thank you thank you thank you Rebecca Jo! I was so surprised, excited, and thrilled to get your package and the lovely note you sent along with them! I still haven't been able to use them...they are decorating my kitchen for Christmas right now! Thank you so much Rebecca Jo!
This is the sidewalk leading up to our front door. The piles on the end by the road are a bit taller after I threw the snow that the plow blocked the end of the sidewalk in with while I was shoveling, but you can tell we have alot of snow! It is the snowiest December on record in Rochester, MN, about an hour from us, and I wonder if it isn't a record for us as well. I'll have to get K out there and get a picture of him standing on the sidewalk to give you a better perspective.

These are the bushes I took pictures of when it first started snowing right out in the front of the house. Now just piles of snow.
I am SO behind with Christmas coming so quickly! We haven't even put up the tree! C and I have done just enough baking for the cookies for the Christmas program Sunday night and we just finished shopping and wrapping the gifts!
Thankfully our church secretary is home from helping her Dad in Texas and she will be taking back her jobs so that means alot less work for me next week with the church's newsletter and hopefully I'm able to catch up on some other things around the house and be better at blogging more often!
Today is my last day of work before Christmas, and it's only my Bug and I. Nice quiet easy day! He's watching some Tom and Jerry while I get a bit of work and blogging done! We exchanged gifts with the daycare families and I received a wonderful gift from Bug, T man, and Mr. L and I am thinking about upgrading to Photoshop Elements 9. I downloaded the trial version to see the differences between 7 (that I have now) and 9 and so far I am loving it! I didn't want to upgrade just to upgrade and have the newest thing you know what I mean, but there seem to be some nice new features!
The cough is getting better, but I still have coughing fits if I laugh too hard....which of course seems to mean that K has to be in quite a mood and making me laugh even more than which he aplolgizes when it does happen but makes us both laugh even harder. Lovely cycle lol!
Well Bug is finished and wants to build with some blocks so must run for now! Big hugs to you all, hope you have a wonderful day!


Rebecca Jo said...

You are SOOO welcome! Just a small something to let you know you're appreciated :)

WAIT... you dont have your tree up yet? That made me laugh for some reason - I'd be in panic mode 2000 if I didnt have a tree up by this point!! :)

OHHH - let me know if you upgrade to version 9 - then you can REALLY send me some hints!

Brandi said...

You better get that tree up! ;)

Wow! The snow!! I just finished looking at all the pictures. Amazing! Y'all got some serious snow. The pics are so beautiful, though. I wish there was a place you could live and it only snowed on Christmas, but was in the 80's the rest of the year. LOL! That would be my kind of place. ;)

I hope you and K have a wonderful Christmas! Stay warm! :)