Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas vacation!

K and I ran to Wal Mart last night (about a 20 min drive) because I wanted to get one of my pictures printed for a friend and the boys Mom told me that one of the local stores that do photo prints aren't able to do 8 x 10s now so we thought we could get a couple 8 x 10s printed and do some other last minute shopping. We got there, headed back to the photo machines only to find that they were closed. We missed them by about five or ten minutes! We did need a few other things so the whole trip wasn't a wash, but I was sure frustrated! Oh well, if that's the only thing that goes wrong this Christmas!

I take that back, C called and said that she has to work the whole day today not just the morning like she had planned and it sounds like she is watching the boys tonight so their Mom and Dad can go out to celebrate one of Mom's brother's birthdays. But still...if that's all that goes wrong!

Anyway....we slept in this morning and I cleaned the house. After lunch I did some online shopping with the gift certificates from the boys and their parents. Rebecca Jo...I did order Elements 9!!! I'm playing with the trial download version now and I LOVE the updates! The copy I ordered is on backorder, along with my copy of The Blind Side, but my copy of Fireproof and Veggie Tales A Silly Little Thing Called Love should be here soon!

We need to run into town and put a couple checks in the bank and try to get those pictures printed. They may be 5 x 7s instead of the 8 x 10s we'll have to see. Otherwise we're just hanging around and enjoying the day off together.

Hope you are all having a great day and a very Merry Christmas!

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Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEEE!!!!!!! Cant wait to see how you like version 9!!!!