Tuesday, February 22, 2011

  Back to work today!  Sounds like it will be a busy day too!  Mr. Bug is here for the morning and will get on the bus for school just after lunch, Little Miss is here all day, and it sounds like I'll get four more girls for the afternoon.  Hopefully everyone gets along!  At least the day will pass quickly!

  Now that I've finally gotten some other things caught up with my weekend off I can focus more on pictures!  I have quite a few I want to post here to share with you all, basketball pictures for Facebook, some of my brother's wedding reception to post on Facebook, and Veteran's Banquet pictures to burn to cds.  Also it sounds like I am going to make a graduation slideshow for Amanda whose senior pictures I was taking so I will have lots of pictures to scan and put into a video.  Never a dull moment ha!

  Guess that's about all I've got for now....maybe I'll be back later this afternoon...hope you all have a great day!


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