Thursday, February 17, 2011

  Wow!  I'm loving these warmer temps and the snow melting...puddles and all...but this fog is crazy!  School started two hours late yesterday and they just cancelled for today!  My schedule changed or I would have 3 hyper boys and a crazy Little Miss running around the house!  Now I just have Little Miss today and the three boys will come tomorrow morning.
The view out the front door this morning
They say it could be in the 50s today!  The kids have no school tomorrow...teacher's day off since we have had parent teacher conferences this week...and no school Monday either.  Quite a weekend for the kids!  Just praying everyone stays safe!

It was another good night at Awana last night  Panicking a bit, our Commander asked if I would do a Counsel Time in a couple weeks.  I told him I'd think about it, want to do a little research before I committed.  The kids brought items for our local food pantry last night.  We ended up with two big boxes full and four or five plastic grocery bags full! They are a great group of clubbers! 

Hopefully with a few final touches I should finish up with the Save the Date card I'm working up for a friend of ours.  Then I can hopefully finish up with editing and burning the Veteran's Banquet pictures to cd.  I have to mail out a few more Valentines from the youth group, print and mail the birthday and anniversary cards for the next couple of weeks, get some laundry done, some typing, and get to my parents for the hubbys birthday today!

What do you have planned for the day??

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