Wednesday, February 16, 2011

  Well it was a good game, but the boys lost last night.  They've had a good season, and this was the team ranked number one in our district, but it was still a tough loss.  I honestly think they could have beat them, but we were having a tough time hitting any shots, twos, threes, foul shots, we didn't let them shut us out, but it was a tough one to come back and win.

  Little Miss is in a silly mood today!  She was watching Max and Ruby and came and told me that crybaby was crying!  We were watching a YouTube video with a tiny baby and when he started crying she got upset, almost crying herself and told me that he needed a diaper and a blankie!  She's getting to be quite a talker!  Yesterday she was running around the living room and told me "Spinning round...crazy lady!"  I laughed and laughed!

  I was just checking my facebook and saw a friend had posted that there is a Kirby vaccuum cleaner salesman going around town and apparently he will just walk into your house if the doors are unlocked!  She also does daycare and said she was downstairs with the kids and heard the dog barking outside so she went upstairs and there he was standing in her living room!  Guy has guts!  I would have called the police!  That is crazy!

  Today is the funeral for an 18 year old girl, a high school senior,  from a neighboring town who was killed in a car accident over the weekend.  Her boyfriend graduated last year, he took her out to a town about an hour away and a car turned in front of them and another car, he clipped the car in front of him and crossed over the center line where he collided with a snow plow.  It was just one of those things, no alcohol involved, the roads were slick.  She died and he was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  He improved and was sent home, but I can not imagine how difficult this has to be for him!  We are praying that this may open the eyes of some of those kids around them, both in the neighboring town and in the surrounding areas, that think they are invincible and that they would be open to Christ! 

  I have had one of our Awana clubbers chat with me on facebook, she just wanted to talk a bit, wanted to tell me what they did at school and how she was feeling. 

  We had gone to a football game in the neighboring town and watched this girl be crowned Homecoming queen just a few months ago!

  Please, pray with us for comfort for these families and that the Lord would work in hearts and minds through all this!

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