Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two posts in two days, shocking I know! It is just me and the S boys today. Monster's great grandfather passed away on Tuesday and so she is gone for the rest of the week. I won't have any kiddos tomorrow! I have plenty to keep myself busy though. I have blankets to make for the kiddos Christmas gifts, quilting to do, Sunday School, house cleaning, laundry, phone calls to make, Christmas cards to make out, and gifts to wrap. Should be enough to keep me out of trouble!
I survived my Counsel Time last night. The kids were all amazed with my story bag, the Sparks were so cute, they kept saying, "How did you do that?!" There were even a few hands raised for salvation last night too! I was so excited, but so very, very glad to have it all finished and over with!
The Christmas store was a big hit too! The kids spent the shares that they had earned saying their verses and points from game time and after Awana was over the leaders could go shopping and pay a quarter a share! K and I got a few things for ourselves and a few gifts for others for Christmas as well! I think we had to have spent around 20 dollars! It was well worth it though, the storekeeper has gotten rid of some things that have been around for a while now and she has money to go and buy some new things for the store for next year. She always finds the neatest things too! Alot of the kids were buying gifts for their parents or siblings or gradparents and they had two tables of ladies who would wrap the gifts for them after they were finished shopping! I saw lots of huge grins when they were finished. So sweet.


holli said...

I had a great time talking to you - I hope you had fun at the ball game. oh.

holli said...

What are you sorry for today? Or are you still sorry? I feel like crapola today. it's a good thing I don't have those faces on my blog - I would have to switch them by the hour!

Aren't those shirts the cutest??? The owners of the company saw your comment (I think) because they saw the shirt on my site. I think cute businesses should get good word of mouth!