Monday, December 11, 2006

What a day! I got a phone call around ten from PM telling me that we needed to get a prayer request out to the members of our church (we have an email and a phone list that we send out whenever prayer requests come up) telling everyone to pray for M, a friend of mine, who was in a serious car accident this morning. They were told that she has a spinal cord injury, I don't really know how serious yet, but she will be going into surgery tomorrow morning. Any prayers that you would say for her would be greatly appreciated. We are all thankful that she didn't have any of the kids in the car with her at the time, she has three young children, as it was quite a serious accident.
I really hope this ends soon....first K's grandfather died, then his uncle, and now this accident. I tell you it definately makes you thankful for what you have, and not focus on the material aspects of the season! I will definately be saying an extra prayer of thanks or two for all of the blessings that I have!
Other than that it was a bit of a slow day, I was down two kids because on had a nasty cold and cough and Dad stayed home with them rather than them spread it to all the other kiddos. Gotta love parents like that! I have to say that I have been pretty fortunate with this, only one of my daycre families tries to pull fast ones on me with sick kiddos, and now that I have explained to her that little C was a premie and had to be hospitalized due to difficulty breathing and he is more suseptible to things so I have to be even more careful with illness she has been a bit better.
Well, the laundry is calling so I had better go and get something done.....

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