Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We had a homey night tonight. After all the kiddos left and I got back from piano lessons K and I made chili and cinnamon rolls and baked some cookies. We watched some of the Grinch cartoon movie while we were cooking and eating and decided that tonight was the night to pull out the tree and decorate it. Up until last year we had always gotten a real tree, but we found such a good deal on an artificial at the Mart of Wally that we couldn't pass it up. Between last year and this year it has paid for itself compared to the price of a real one around here.
It was fun looking at the ornaments and remembering which Christmas we had gotten this one or that one. I got a few pictures to document the occasion as well. Oh and Holli, you really are a bad influence, K and I could hardly keep from laughing when we were talking about our Mickey Mouse balls that we were going to hang on the tree! I will post some pics for you tomorrow.
Must run for now, need to clean up after all the fun of decorating. Have a good night all!

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