Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ugh I am finally feeling better! Last Wednesday after a long day in daycare and then a long night at Awana my tooth started to hurt. I didn't think too much of it as I do have a bad tooth there, it is broken, but I am waiting for L,T,&C's mom to finish up her schooling and graduate on the 15 before I make an appointment to get it fixed as this will free up my schedule a bit. Anyway....I figured it would hurt a bit and after putting some toothache gel on it and a bit of rest that night would be feeling better. Wrong. The next morning it not only felt worse, but my cheek, ear, and jaw hurt. It throbbed, I couldn't eat much at all, it hurt to swallow and talk. It woke me up early Friday morning and Friday was more of the same. Friday night I was awake multiple times during the night with terrible pain, bringing me to tears. I tried getting a dentist appointment on Saturday, but no one was around. Great, I thought, another night of no sleep. But, finally on Sunday when I woke up I was feeling a bit better, and each day since has been better bit by bit. I was talking to a friend of mine in choir practice on Sunday and she said that she thought I had tmj. I looked it up on the internet and I really do think that is what I had. Not fun, I am just thankful that I am feeling better today as I have a Counsel time to give tonight for Awana and I need to be practicing the song I am going to sing for the Christmas program at church!
In other news...we found out K's uncle died and he was supposed to leave Sunday morning to ride with his brother to go to the funeral on Monday and then home with his parents for a day and then drive back home with a different car today. Well, his brother called early Sunday morning and said that he wasn't going. We talked about it and he decided to drive down for the wake Sunday night and drive home afterwards (a good 3 and a half hour drive) and then he would have Monday off and possibly Tuesday, but instead of having today off he would just go back to work. It sounded great to me because I was not in any hurry to be spending those three and a half days or so with out him, especially not so soon after his trip to Ohio for his grandfather's funeral. He spent alot of his time home these last few days working on some honey do projects that he has been putting off for a while. He patched wall paper, put new contact paper in one of my kitchen cupboards, glued the wooden dining room chairs that were coming apart at the spindles, and fixed part of the kitchen cupboards that had been broken for a good six months! He told me that he was ready to go back to work today though, he couldn't take another day with my schedule, and he told me that he thinks I have a terrible job, all the wiping kids noses, behinds, dealing with attitudes! Now I don't think it's horrible, but I do like the fact that he sees that it's not all playtime and giggles around here. I think he did realize that before, but after yesterday he really sees it, and he can understand why some nights I am just ready to get out of here! It doesn't matter where we go, I am just glad to get out! Ok back from that rabbit trail, sheesh! Anyway, he took my cell phone with him when he went to the wake and he called me when he left and let me know when I could expect him home. He called me an hour and a half or so later to tell me that he would probably be later, that the highway he was on was blocked and there were lots of police cars and fire trucks and things, but that he was ok, he would just be a bit later because he would have to detour around. I turned the news on after I had gotten off the phone with him and saw that they were reporting on a terrible head on car accident there. I found out the next morning that someone had died as a result of this accident. We talked about how thankful that we were that he hadn't left any earlier so he wasn't involved in the accident. The Lord was definately watching over him that night, if he would have left just 20 minutes earlier.....
I am definately very thankful for my blessings this Christmas season!

Well, one kiddo awake and K is off to get me some more construction paper so I can make nametags for each leader in Awana, it's our Christmas store and the girls will wrap the gifts and they will get placed in bags with the child's name on them in a row designated for each leader. At the end of the night the teen helpers will be given a child's name and leader's name and they will go find their purchases and give them to the child just in time to take home, so I had better run so I can finish those and look over my Counsel time message one more time!

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Hey - I just realized our home phone has free long distance during the day!!


I'm glad you're feeling better!!