Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Basketball, movies, and Awana

The boys basketball season started last night. It was a bit of a process but we finally got to the game (it was about an hour drive to get there). We rode with L, Mr. T, Tater, and their Dad...Tater had no nap yesterday and he stayed awake for the whole drive, the whole game, and the whole drive back! The only time he got mad is when we got into town and Dad turned his movie off!
The boys won both the JV and Varsity games, although neither were the prettiest of games. We have a young varsity team, only one senior and he is the only one who has seen any varsity play. They just need to get used to playing as a team and get used to the plays.
Today the movie theater is playing a free movie for the kids. It's Polar Express. It works out nicely since the kids get out of school three hours early. Mom just picked up Mr. T and Tater, R should be picked up by his aunt soon, and that leaves me with Miss A. I think I may take her, especially after hearing that her two brothers are going with her big sister.
Tonight is crazy hair night at Awana...the kids will be learning about Samson. K is giving the lesson for the 3-6th graders. K and I both have wigs we bought around Halloween to wear and we are taking one for our Commander to wear. Should be lots of fun looks from the kids too!

Edited....R's Aunt came to get him and take him to the movie and by that time Miss A had already fallen asleep. Soooo no movie for us, maybe I'll get a nap with her instead. Haha!

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