Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I go back to bed yet?! Please!

Ugh I really want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head! Yesterday I got a call from the bank asking if we had spent 700 dollars at the Microsoft Store. Ummm NO! Then there were four charges from ITunes which I did not make. I have in the past, but not for at least six months or so. I asked them if the charges were going through, no because they had put a block on our card. Great no problem, they would issue us new debit cards and numbers. Then about twenty minutes or so later I get a call saying umm yes it is going through you need to call this number and ask them how they got your information and tell them they need to stop the transaction today. So K calls the Microsoft Store and they tell him no we can't stop that transaction it's already in progress. Joy. So he has to go to the bank this afternoon and fill out papers and all sorts of "fun" things. The Microsoft Store did give him the name and address of the joker that used our information and what he bought. So evidetnly we just bought a 32 inch plasma tv for some joker in New York. Yay. As if Christmas wasn't tight enough money wise.
And we had to deal with all this a half hour before the bank closed and we had to pick up PM and C to go to a basketball game in CC. Sooo hopefully K can get it all sorted out at the bank and Mr Joker can't get anymore money out of our account.
Awana Christmas store is tonight!! We're actually trying to fit two nights into one sort of. We will have Christmas store and backwards night as well as our birthday party for Jesus and hand out the clubbers Christmas gifts. The only thing we won't be doing is going caroling to the nursing homes/some of the elderly of our congregation. A group of us from church thought about doing that since the Awana kids aren't able to go. We'll see time wise and weather wise!
I have been busy making up the clubbers gifts...we filled 80 Christmas cups with candy and small flaslights with our Awana logo on them, put them in bags, tied them with ribbon, printed 80 star gift tags with "Merry Christmas from your Awana Leader" on them, cut them out, punched a hole, and tied them with more ribbon and curled the ribbon. It was like an assembly line in our dining room! It really helped to have yesterday off so I could just focus on those. I also got some typing done for our Pastor and now I just have to catch up on some card making, laundry, and a few emails for church.
Well...I better get to it or I won't get it done since I have to be at church a bit early to finish up some things for the Christmas store tonight yet too. Hope you all have a better day than I've had haha!


Brandi said...

Oh man, that's terrible! Hope it all gets straightened out. Once we had a charge on our debit card for like $35 and I freaked out. I can't imagine $700!!! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow that sucks! My friends VISA number recently got stolen! They tried to charge over 2000!