Saturday, December 12, 2009


A few more pictures to share with you today. The first is the measurement K got after our big snowstorm on Wednesday. We got 14 inches of snow in 24 hours! We also had 40 mph winds creating blizzard conditions. The kids didn't have school on Thursday but were back to a regular schedule on Friday. I kept thinking it was Friday on Thursday and Friday felt like a Monday...I've been so confused!!
I have had alot of time to take and edit pictures though!! The second picture is of our Christmas tree. I had alot of fun pulling out the star filter for my camera and snapping away Tuesday night during the worst of the storm! The third is of one of the Christmas trees at church I took Wednesday night. It was really beautiful how the snow had piled in the windows but the original pictures I took just didn't look right. I started playing in Photoshop and I liked the black and white look and K asked me if I could leave the ornament in color. I didn't like the original color so I played a bit and found the red. I have another burgundy color as well, but I still don't like it as much as this one. I put alot more on my flickr page if you want to go and check them out...there is a badge over on the side of my blog for you to go and see them if you like.
Thursday even though there was no school there was a basketball game. After the kiddos left we went and picked up PM and C and headed off on the hour drive. We agreed to drive in case the roads weren't so good and we have 4 wheel drive. The boys lost both games but we had fun.
Last night we just hung around the house and I was editing pictures again. We took a quick trip to church to work on a song I had to type into the computer for communion on Sunday. We went to bed around midnight and I was up about 7:30 working on PowerPoint this morning.
Madrigal is tonight...time for more pictures yay! Usually C and I go by ourselves...but since J is a senior this year K and PM are going with. PM's brother was supposed to come in from Milwaukee to go along with us, but he went to the hospital yesterday with chest pains. Drs said it was not a heart attack, but they are still doing some testing. Praying that he is ok. I have just recently been getting to know him and he has been my mentor in photography.
I'm excited but nervous about the next few weeks...C and I are planning our baking and I really enjoy that but I have not finished my shopping and of course Christmas brings K's family up from Missouri and more stress for me. I'm really trying and praying hard but I do internalize things and I will apologize in advance if I come here and complain about it all while they are here.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

14 inches???? Oh mercy ... that just gave me chills.

At least its gotta help you to get in the Christmas "feel" of things! :)