Wednesday, December 09, 2009


We now have about 14 inches of snow. Joy. Sense any sarcasm there??? It wouldn't be so bad, but it came all at once. The kids got out of school early on Tuesday. They announced a 12:30 dismissal right at 8am. No school today due to more snow and blizzard conditions and at 4 this afternoon they announced no school for tomorrow. No travel is advised through most of the state.
I only had one daycare family today. Mom works at a hospital an hour away and Dad works for the cable company. They had him driving his route for part of the day today...people desperate for cable???!!! He came home about three hours early because they were told that the snowplows were being pulled from the roads in our county and the neighboring county.
We had to make a stop at the post office and checked our church's parking lot (no Awana tonight but we may do some recording for our Pastor's radio messages and we were checking it out to see if we needed to bring our snow blower to make a path to the front door) and I got a few pictures. I've been working on editing a bunch since I've been snowed in the last couple days and hopefully I will get to those as well as some of our indoor Christmas lights and playing with my star filters and share those soon!
The basketball game that was supposed to be last night was rescheduled for tomorrow night...we'll see if that happens. There is another ball game Friday night and Madrigal is Saturday night. I still have my normal typing to do for the week too, a slow start to the week could mean a busy busy end!
Hope you all are having a great day and are dry and warm!

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