Friday, November 17, 2006

Heidi, you're a Chosen One!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Chosen One which means you are a Golden / Seeker Your primary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Seeker" characteristics.

That means you're warm, giving, knowing, and patient. Chances are you're not afraid to actively pursue your goals and dreams. As if all that weren't enough, you pretty much set the standard for emotional health by being filled with positive feelings and energy.

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holli said...

I will read your meme tomorrow when I don't have masking to paint pressure from the Tom faction.

This new browser - everything looks all screwed up!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Glad to see you're still knitty!