Thursday, November 30, 2006

I was going to come in today and write a bit about our Thanksgiving and more of an explanation of some of those pictures, but I am a bit freaked out. This morning I was playing on the floor with the kids and I went to get up to get something and as I look out the window I see a blue gray van pulled up in front of our house and a lady getting out with a camera and snapping a picture quick. Now that made me curious, but not overly concerned, but whas has me concerned is the fact that when the man in the passenger seat saw me he started talking very quickly, he was on the phone, but this seemed directed at the girl with the camera. And she then quickly hopped back in the van and they pulled up in the driveway across the street and hurried out of here, with a red van with gold trim right behind them waiting while they took the picture and quickly following them on their exit. I have a brief description of the girl taking the picture, and pretty much just the colors of the vans, other than noting that they both had Minnesota license plates. I don't know for sure if they were taking pictures of my house or the neighbors, but me sitting here by myself with other people's kiddos is making me just a tad uneasy about the whole situation!

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holli said...

Did you figure it out? That is really really weird. I'm serious - that would totally freak me out!!!