Monday, November 06, 2006

Ladies' Day Away was so much fun on Saturday! I got all that I could knitted on the scarf for my grandma and stuck it in my bag only to find later that it had come off the needles! So...after much aggrivation I got it back on and had to reknit some rows that I had to take out to get it all back like it should be. But, I got it finished again and I am all set to buy some more yarn for it tonight.
Speaking of tonight...I am also going shopping to buy supplies for my newest obsession! I can't wait! I am going to start quilting! Me, the person who has NEVER sewn ANYTHING in her life! I have a nice and patient teacher and I even had my first sewing lesson last night, complete with how to wind a bobbin and how to thread the machine and then how to sew a straight line. I think it went fairly well so I hope that the whole quilting thing goes very well too! After that it is on to how to make my own clothes! Hubby is quite excited as well because I am finally using the sewing machine that I won a year ago and has sat on the dining room table until now! My first quilt will be for our bed, so if it is extremely ugly I will just have to look at it and not feel guilty for sending someone else something so ugly!
Friday night was good too, we went over to work on something on my best friend's computer and he made a comment that made me feel alot better too! He had asked us if we wanted something to drink and K and I were quiet and he said..." You guys are family now...." and then went on to say something about not being shy just shouting it out! Again, that strangeness I felt before was gone, things seem to be back to normal there, or I am back to normal whatever the case may be. We went to the high school musical, Grease, and met he and the rest of his family to watch one of his boys play a nerd Saturday night after our crafting day too. He did such a good job! We think he stole the show! Just think a white Steve Urkel!
I guess you may be kind of wondering now, so I should share a bit about my best friend with you...he would actually probably be quite embarrassed to hear me call him such, but honestly it is the truth, I look up to him like a big brother/father figure and he and his wife have been so good to K and I, I just don't know what we would do without them! To start with I will say that there is quite an age difference. He just turned 55 about a month ago. He also happens to be the pastor of our church. We (both couples) have alot in common and all four of us get along well. We call each other our extended family and one of my daycare families is their oldest son and his wife. I love those kids! It does not seem like there is that age difference between us...they have a son who is about 11 or 12 and their youngest grandson is 2 months old. They have been a tremendous help to us, it is because of them that we are in any church now and they have been there for me when I need advice or help. They had me over for supper two nights while K was away to his grandfather's funeral, and helped me out when my car died at church. They have helped me/us through many difficult situations and I can only hope and pray that we can be there to do the same for them.

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