Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I didn't know what kind of day it was going to be when it first started out, but it has been a pretty good day! A bit of an odd moment thrown in here or there, but all in all a good day.
I got up at 5:30 and went to the Fitness Center to work out with K2 and I got my 15 minutes in on the bike on the highest level I have done yet, and did an extra ten pounds on a couple of the leg machines so I was feeling pretty good.
I came home and cleaned the house and after my shower I decided that I had a little extra time so I would mop the kitchen floor and not just leave it swept and after I finish I go to dump the bucket outside in the yard and the wind picks up and the next thing I know is my legs are SOAKED! At least it was hot water that I had used, and I wasn't freezing!
I was in a bit of a mood after that, and after finding out that since Monster wasn't coming today and I could get in early for piano lessons and then possibly go and catch some of J's game that they switched the boys and girls games and the boys would be playing while I was taking lessons once again! GAH! I was bummed! If you can't tell I am getting hooked on the whole sports thing. My family was not into sports and still aren't, but since going to games to support different kids at church and having friends who answer my stupid questions and explain things that I don't understand, now I am having alot more fun going to these games, looking forward to them more, and even watching more pro sports on tv. K just laughs at me and shakes his head! He's a good guy putting up with my craziness!
Well, I had to call and talk to PM and found out that J was playing with the sophomore team and that is away. You know it's amazing what just talking to a friend will do for you, even if you don't really talk about anything at all. We talked about a prayer request that I was emailed, a practice for special music on Sunday, the boys basketball schedule, how cold it was outside and how he wanted to talk to K about arranging things on Sunday as there will be more instruments and things by the piano and needing a little more moving and shuffeling stands and things around. I tell you just hearing a friendly voice, a happy person, another adult, did so much for my mood! Isn't it wonderful what friends can do?! I have been thinking alot about friends the last few days, between some things that Holli has been going through and some of her posts and some things that have happened to me lately. I plan to write an entry about some of those things coming up too, but I am trying to sort some of them out in my head myself before I can write about them coherently.
But, the kids are gone and I have about an hour before piano lessons so I had better stop for now. I wish you all lots of happiness and close friends!

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