Thursday, January 04, 2007

A little update....
God is good! I just got a call from PM who tells me what time J plays and where, and he told me that we don't have to feel like we have to go to M's ballgame as it will be an all day tournament and he will be playing more games and more at home. He said that we should go tubing if we want. Not like he's giving us permission or anything, but he's just a kind man who is very sensitive about things like that. Another reason that I am so thankful to call him and his wife my friends.
He told me that there would be no choruses this week, but he does have quite a bit possibly of powerpoint for me to do. I enjoy doing the powerpoint, I am starting to get the hang of the program more and it is easier to be a little more creative now and so it is more and more fun to do each week.
Still no L,T, and C, but the mail did come. No bills but one Christmas card and some junk mail. Not what I was hoping for, I was really hoping that my pictures from Snapfish would be in the mail today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
Still looking through my music and watching Gaither videos on YouTube.
The Pepsi two liter level is down at the bottom of the label. I think I will easily finish it by the time Monster leaves.
Which reminds me too, she fell asleep about the time I published my first entry this afternoon! Nice and quiet!

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