Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life lately has been filled with basketball games. Monday nights are the younger kids at the Fitness Center and we go and watch M and B play. We catch some Tuesday night games for J ( and hope to catch a couple of C's), but that just depends on if I have piano lessons or not. Wednesday is Awana. Thursday is either basketball or prayer meeting. Friday is basketball, except for this week. This week is the big birthday supper with my parents. Saturday are basketball tournaments and Sunday is church. It gets a bit hectic, but I love it.

Sunday we got enough snow to cancel church. This picture is of us driving down the highway after we left church to take pictures.

We got about six inches of snow. The visibility wasn't the best so they were worried about people driving from out of town to get to church, that and the fact that it would be next to impossible to get the parking lot plowed out. The people that normally do it for us don't do it on Sundays. But just try to get someone else to do it.....

Anyway.....after our little drive for pictures we went out for breakfast. Then we had to come back and shovel the favorite paths that the boys take when we take them out to go potty. The neighbor was very nice and plowed the sidewalks and the spot where my car is parked with the blade on his lawn tractor. K got his lawn tractor and blade out and plowed a path for the mailman and a path around the house as well as around his car. I came inside after we were all finished and my jeans were frozen into the shape they had formed around my boots!

We went sledding later in the afternoon then. It was a pretty warm day actually and what better way to spend it but out enjoying the snow! K and C had some sled races, chicken races on the sleds, and a couple of wrestling matches in the snow and soon it was getting dark and time to head home. It was a good day all in all, odd not to have church, but a good day all the same.

On Saturday I went out to the T familys' place and helped to teach their 4-H group how to knit. That was alot of fu! I started out with two girls, one of them knew how to knit and her Mom was also a teacher there, and the other had come early and gotten a bit of a headstart. After starting over about five times then she had gotten the hang of it and taken off quite well. Since my two were doing so well I was sent to help some at some of the other tables. Most of the kids picked it up quite quickly and will only improve with the more practice they get. Their project for the month is to knit a scarf and they will learn how to finish it off at their meeting next month.

I have been going to the Fitness Center early in the morning for about a week now with a couple of friends. I had been going before, but really since Christmas we had quit. It feels good to get started again. I have not been able to do the walking that I wanted and keep up with the others, but I have found a bike that does not bother my foot and has some different programs and levels that I can use to get the same or comparable workout so that helps! I was beginning to get a bit depressed over the whole thing. I went 15 minutes on it this morning! My longest time on it had been 10 minutes before. I upped it to level 3 this time too. I figured starte out easy and work my way up. I don't want to kill myself off right away. I am wondering if the next time I won't move up a couple levels because it is a bit easier than I thought it would be. Tomorrow K2 wants to try the new water aerobics class they are starting. I haven't decided if I will go or not. K says to try it, I might like it, but I reminded him that this also means I will have to be out in the "lovely" winter weather after being in the pool with wet hair and all too. I don't think he had too much sympathy for me though!

I think that losing some weight will help my attitude alot too. My goal is to keep it fun though. Not to wake up thinking that I HAVE to go, but that I want to go. Not that getting up that early in the morning is any fun really, especially in the winter when it is so cold out and those blankets are so warm! I fell asleep rocking the kiddos the last two days too!

Speaking of kiddos Little Miss Monster is due to leave anytime now.....better run!

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